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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Learn Forex Trading

Learn Forex trading easily, you need not think about how many pips you are going to earn, the market will tell you how much opportunity you have , how many pips to earn. Suppose you sit on your chair to trade. Now if I ask you how much you can earn today? I know you do not have  the answer. Not only you but also we do not know how much we can earn today. So what is the solution? I know you are thinking if any one tell you how much pips the market will move. Let's say we know EURUSD will move 60 pips up today. Then what will we do? We know we will BUY and catch the 60 green pips. Wooow! nice. But the realty is that we do not know that. So what can we do? We need to learn the market behavior well. We need to learn about candle sticks. How they forms, How many pips a daily candle and a weekly candle can be long. If we experience this we will be able to count how much pips we are going to get everyday or every week.

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