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Sunday, 23 February 2014

My new pigeon firm.

How to start an online business. I have only one pair pigeon. Now I am going to start a pigeon firm. But i have no idea on "How to start a pigeon firm?". How many pigeons I need to start a pigeon firm? What types of foods I need to collect for pigeons? I have decided to but five pairs of pigeon (  five pigeons are  male and five pigeons are female). Why i am thinking to buy five pairs pigeons ? If I buy five pairs mature pigeons, they will give at least five pairs new pigeons within one month. The next month they can give another five pairs. Totally I will have fifteen pairs of pigeons (five pairs parents pigeons and ten pairs baby pigeons). Then i can sell some of them for money. Even I can sell all the new born pigeons. WoW ! How much money I am going to earn. But before starting a pigeon firm I need to think about a big cage which can contain at least fifteen pairs of pigeons. I have bought some  boxes which are made of paper and wood. I have bought these boxes from fruits seller shops. Fruits sellers throw away their fruit boxes after selling their fruits. so you can buy the boxes for cheaper price. And it is the easy way to start a business when you have not huge money. I also don't know how to buy pigeon and where will I go to buy pigeon? so I am going to take helping from one of my brother-in-law. He knows a lot about pigeons. He will buy pigeons for me. Let us see what happen.

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