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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Borring Teacher and an interesting teacher.

Are you a teacher? Have you been teaching for a long time? And are you becoming a dull guy? When a man first start his tuition he has a sharp concentration on his students and syllabus subjects. He takes care of his students mental health. He tries to become a hero to his students. He talks to his students with a very very very sweet voice. His students love him and listen listen and listen to him very attentively because of his sweet voice. His voice is very clear. So He successes to attract his students' attention. He starts his lessons as if he is talking to them. He prepares himself for teaching them. He likes to talk with his students and sometimes makes jokes. His students appreciate him as a good teacher. But day goes................. One day he becomes a boring teacher. He doesn't love his profession or students. He is no more interested in his students and their lessons. He talks rudely with students. As a result students hate him. He also hate his students. The environment of teaching and learning becomes pollution. Now think.............. If you are a teacher and you are becoming a boring man day by day. think why? I think you have a lot of tensions. You probably think a lot about your family, money, Your parents, your children, Your neighbor or money etc. So you are no longer interested in teaching. Is teaching your main income source? Do you still want to teach? If yes you need take action against yourself not against your students. You know that everyone has problems. We have to live with these problems. When students don't listen to you consider it as your fault. 1. Test your voice(talking style) 2. Are your voice pleasant? 3. Are your voice attract your students? 4. Find out what is your fault. 5. Why your teaching style is not pleasant/interesting? I think if you be patient you will again become a good teacher. A good teacher is really need for students. Before starting tuition take a syllabus and find out the recommended books. Then read the books first to last. If you find any problem which you do not know solve the problem first. This step will speed you up like a rocket. You will be a rocket teacher not a pushcart teacher.

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