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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Borring Teacher and an interesting teacher.

Are you a teacher? Have you been teaching for a long time? And are you becoming a dull guy? When a man first start his tuition he has a sharp concentration on his students and syllabus subjects. He takes care of his students mental health. He tries to become a hero to his students. He talks to his students with a very very very sweet voice. His students love him and listen listen and listen to him very attentively because of his sweet voice. His voice is very clear. So He successes to attract his students' attention. He starts his lessons as if he is talking to them. He prepares himself for teaching them. He likes to talk with his students and sometimes makes jokes. His students appreciate him as a good teacher. But day goes................. One day he becomes a boring teacher. He doesn't love his profession or students. He is no more interested in his students and their lessons. He talks rudely with students. As a result students hate him. He also hate his students. The environment of teaching and learning becomes pollution. Now think.............. If you are a teacher and you are becoming a boring man day by day. think why? I think you have a lot of tensions. You probably think a lot about your family, money, Your parents, your children, Your neighbor or money etc. So you are no longer interested in teaching. Is teaching your main income source? Do you still want to teach? If yes you need take action against yourself not against your students. You know that everyone has problems. We have to live with these problems. When students don't listen to you consider it as your fault. 1. Test your voice(talking style) 2. Are your voice pleasant? 3. Are your voice attract your students? 4. Find out what is your fault. 5. Why your teaching style is not pleasant/interesting? I think if you be patient you will again become a good teacher. A good teacher is really need for students. Before starting tuition take a syllabus and find out the recommended books. Then read the books first to last. If you find any problem which you do not know solve the problem first. This step will speed you up like a rocket. You will be a rocket teacher not a pushcart teacher.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Get idea on how to promote a product and make a selling.

Hi There,
Today I am writing about how to sell a product to a customer(niche). If you are curious about selling products and finding niches you can read it. The gurus are saying to buy a website from them and sell a product on the website AND You will make money just in minutes. Don't buy any website from them if you are a beginner, you will loss money. If you really want a website I will suggest you to open a free blog from About product: It is important which product you will sell. How will you sell if you have no product?
If you want to make money on internet by selling a product  customers are very important to you.
Having a product and selling it to a hungry customer is a successful campaign. If someone was looking to buy a silver iPod shuffle and you directed them to a pink iPod Nano, you are not going to make a sale. Although relevant at first glance (both are iPods), they are not precise to what people are looking for. But how can I get an iPod and a customer?
I will suggest you that you initially try promoting
something you are interested in or are hobbyists of. The reason for this is that when you are interested in something, you are
a consumer. You understand the audience because YOU ARE the
audience...meaning that you will be able to build more relevant and
targeted campaigns with half of the research (than if you were
promoting something you were not interested in).
So, now that I have gotten this out of the way I am going to discuss how you find niches. Again, please remember that it is
not the niche that makes you a profit, it is the way you promote it.
How to Find Niche Markets.
If you were given nothing other than a car and a bit of gas, how would you go about finding a niche? I hate it when people say you
need some sort of special software or some special knowledge to find a niche when really it does not take much. You can find niches every where you look, online and offline. I will tell you exactly what I would do if I had a car and some gas to find niches. I would head to the mall. I would check out some stores...what are the hottest new games people are buying, what sort of clothes are hot, what is selling in the department could even take it a step further and ask the people at the stores what their hottest sellers are (who knows the business better than the people that buy it), and ask them why it is selling the best! Then I would hit up the magazine stand. You can get a ton of ideas by simply browsing the sections of magazines. Off road trucking, scrap booking, stock trader investment strategies, solar building...etc. You could even browse through a magazine and record some idea. So that is what I would do if I didn't have the Internet...and is what I have done in the past. However, online is a whole different ball game. The place I usually start when looking for a niche is dmoz:
This place is everything you need for niche can find just about anything within this directory. Then once you have chosen your niche market, you can find products to fill the void and turn the discovery into a gold mine! There are a few resources that you can take advantage of to easily find information about niche markets. You can take advantage of focus groups and social networking sites. Below are a few examples.