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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Start writing just now. Find Propitable Content. Sharpe your mind. Make money.

Every new writer faces a problem what will he write about. Yes, it is a great problem but don't be afraid. Before you start writing you have to know how the other writers are earning on internet. What is they are writing about. How are people earning by writing. If you know there you can also earn by simple writing. Market places for a writer: A writer has great opportunities for working as a freelancer on a freelancing sites. Check the following freelancing sites: 1.
3. etc. If you go to these sites you will get a lots of writing projects. But every project is not for you. Ou have to choose which project is suitable for you. Write Here I have posted here some ideas. Read the following ideas and try to write articles on these ideas. Also Just write what comes in your mind. Do't edit. Continue writing.
Content idea: 1. How to make a kite. 2. How to make a cage for birds.

3. How to make a bamboo pipe.
4. How to wash clothes.
5. How to prepare for the examination. Etc.
Writing works: 1.Goast writing: it may be an intersting topics for a new writer.
2. Academic writing:
3. Copy writing 4. Copy Editing 5. Data entry
etc. Just pick up a topic and start your writing. Good


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