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Friday, 15 October 2010

How to Earn $1000000.00 Developing One Idea From Online..

I wrote this article Friday, 5 October 2010 and today I am just updating it. I have spent about four years on Internet. I tried to learn and I have learnt many things. I have got many ways to make money online, I have earned a few dollars but I have not put them into my pockets yet. I have also lost the dollars which I earned.  And Today actually I have no time to spend on Internet. It is high time earned money any how. To earn we first need an effective idea or a plan and stick to it. I am writing it if it helps anyone too or if I get any good idea from any reader. It is not better depending on only one way. I have several times depended on Forex market. And I am about to sell my shirts.

Idea--1: Writing 1000 articles on , and own Blogs then apply for Google Ad-sense. If you earn $1000 per article, you will earn $1000000 for 1000 articles per year.

Idea--2: Make a valuable software and sell it into software market. You will earn a lot of money. Now the questions are "Where is the software market and how I can make software ?"

Idea--3: Make 100 templates and sell them each for $50 on . The more you sell the more will you earn. One  day you will earn $1000000.

Idea--4: Make 1000 videos of tutorials , Funny events or on any other topics. apply for Google Ad-sense. If you earn $1000 per video, you will earn $1000000 for 1000 videos per year. This is just some IDEAS. If you have any ideas you can share with me.

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