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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Get A MasterCard for your online shopping/ payment and PayPal/ eBay verification free of charge!

If you want to buy something on internet, how will you pay money? And IF you want to sell something on internet, how will you receive money. We use a mastercard for buying and selling online. Where will we get a mastercard? You will get a mastercard from a bank.

Friday, 15 October 2010

How to Earn $1000000.00 Developing One Idea From Online..

I wrote this article Friday, 5 October 2010 and today I am just updating it. I have spent about four years on Internet. I tried to learn and I have learnt many things. I have got many ways to make money online, I have earned a few dollars but I have not put them into my pockets yet. I have also lost the dollars which I earned.  And Today actually I have no time to spend on Internet. It is high time earned money any how. To earn we first need an effective idea or a plan and stick to it. I am writing it if it helps anyone too or if I get any good idea from any reader. It is not better depending on only one way. I have several times depended on Forex market. And I am about to sell my shirts.

Idea--1: Writing 1000 articles on , and own Blogs then apply for Google Ad-sense. If you earn $1000 per article, you will earn $1000000 for 1000 articles per year.

Idea--2: Make a valuable software and sell it into software market. You will earn a lot of money. Now the questions are "Where is the software market and how I can make software ?"

Idea--3: Make 100 templates and sell them each for $50 on . The more you sell the more will you earn. One  day you will earn $1000000.

Idea--4: Make 1000 videos of tutorials , Funny events or on any other topics. apply for Google Ad-sense. If you earn $1000 per video, you will earn $1000000 for 1000 videos per year. This is just some IDEAS. If you have any ideas you can share with me.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Start writing just now. Find Propitable Content. Sharpe your mind. Make money.

Every new writer faces a problem what will he write about. Yes, it is a great problem but don't be afraid. Before you start writing you have to know how the other writers are earning on internet. What is they are writing about. How are people earning by writing. If you know there you can also earn by simple writing. Market places for a writer: A writer has great opportunities for working as a freelancer on a freelancing sites. Check the following freelancing sites: 1.
3. etc. If you go to these sites you will get a lots of writing projects. But every project is not for you. Ou have to choose which project is suitable for you. Write Here I have posted here some ideas. Read the following ideas and try to write articles on these ideas. Also Just write what comes in your mind. Do't edit. Continue writing.
Content idea: 1. How to make a kite. 2. How to make a cage for birds.

3. How to make a bamboo pipe.
4. How to wash clothes.
5. How to prepare for the examination. Etc.
Writing works: 1.Goast writing: it may be an intersting topics for a new writer.
2. Academic writing:
3. Copy writing 4. Copy Editing 5. Data entry
etc. Just pick up a topic and start your writing. Good


Monday, 11 October 2010

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Write for money, become a small writer.

Do you know in this planet has two types of Income? One is linear income and another is rasidual income. Rasidual income is also called passive income. A writer's earning is a rasidual income. So, If you Are looking for making money on net, you had better become a writer. Because writing is a powerful way for becoming rich. If you write 1000 articles and each artile even makes $1 per month you will earn $1000 per month by Google AdSense. But If you write 1000 articles and each artile makes $100 per month you will earn $100000.00 per month. Isn't it a powerful method for becoming rich. We can also speed up our income by affiliate and promoting products. We can also write an eBook that contains 100 pages and sell it on ebay or Amazon. If we get $5 per sold cope and sell total 100000 copes we can earn $500000.00.
But we have a problem. We don't know what we have to write about. We have never writen any article online. If we write any articles, nobody will read our articles. We also don't know on which subjects we have to write. But we have to write because we want money!
No one become a great writer in a day. But at frist, we can become a small writer. Later we will try to become a great writer or just a good writer. For earning money online we need not be a novilest or a poet just a writer on any topics.

But really we cann't write, we have shame, we won't to write, but we want money! I say that it is not true. I say that already you are a writer! Yes, you are a writer. I think we all are small writers as we have written a lots of articles in our school, college & university. We wrote compositions on ''a visit to the zoo, your aim in life etc.'' So I think becomming a writer is not our main problem. We can use our student life's experience to start our writing.
#Getting started: At frist write an article of 250-300 words about yourself. Try it now. Just open MSword & start writing. Write your name, your parents name. Who are you? What is your hobby? What is your education? What do you like or don't like? Why you are on net? Etc. You can also use notepad instead of MSword. Cope & paste your writen article into your facebook's profile or any other websites. The article will not bring you money but it will create a considaration into your mind that you can write.