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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Before Google Adsense approval--How to easily get Google Adsense approval? Are you struggling for getting Adsense approval? Read the article below.

When we know that anyone can earn from a blogger blog or a
website by Google Adsense, we apply for Google adsense
approval so that we can earn money. But most of us are
rejected by Google. Many of us apply even 100 times and are rejected everytimes. Why we are rejected? It is a great matter of our headache now. I also have applied for Adsense three times
but am rejected. Recently i have
learned many tips by google search which i will share here.
There are many tips what we have to do or not to do to get Adsense Approval.
*1. At first you need a gmail account. You can't sign up for Adsense with other email addresses. Yahoo, hotmail etc. are not allowded. Only GMail is allowded.

*2. You also need a website or a blog. If you don't like to spend money for a website then open a blog for free at For instance my blog's url is Here 'dollarearn100' is my choice and '' is for When opening a website or a blog choose a hot title and also choose a URL accordingly to your website or blog title. Imagine your chosen title is 'Toy' then your URL may be or etc. Your website/blog can be on Laptop, Ipad, Tv, Dress, Dog, bycicle etc.

. If you don't have a website/blog you can write at and can apply for Google Adsense.

*3. I think the most important
thing you need is orginial articles. You
have to be post some good articles, at least 10 good articles on your blog or website. Each article must be 500 words or up. So before you applying for Google Adsense write at least 10 articles.
*4. Your article must be orginial. Don't copy from others blogs or
websites. Google will detect you.
*5. Google does not accept any
content that is not supported by adsense language. Google
adsense does not support some language. So Use english language.

*6. You can eidt your articles.
*7. Another important matter is traffics(visitors). If your website has no visitors it will not get ranked by google.
...How to get visitors?

Monday, 13 September 2010

What we should do to become better human beings.

One cannot become a better person overnight. But there are some small good deeds that can be done today, will help a man to become a better human being.
1. Today, Have a smile on your face
2.Today, Look at your parents with a cheerful face
3.Today, Give a glass of water to your father or mother if they want
4.Today, offer a dinner to your parents with you

5.Today, Talk to with your parents about your job, study etc
6.Today, Go to morning walk with your father
7.Today, Be a child and play with a child
8.Today, hum a favourite song
9.Today, Give a toy to a child
10.Today, drop your child at his/her school
11.Today,Fetch your child from his/her school
12.Today, Tell a story to your children
13.Today, Cut your nail of your fingers and toes
14.Today, help out a
fellow human being,
Not next month, but today.
15. Today, Do a good deed
without expecting anything in
16. Today, Have 2 litres of water.
17. Today, Compliment someone
for doing something good.
18. Today, Write 5 things you are
grateful for.
19. Today, Wake up 1 hour earlier than you normally do.
20. Today, Do not judge people.
21. Today, Do something good
and do not take credit for it.
22. Today, Do not get angry at anyone.
23. Today, Close your eyes and spend 5 minutes without
thinking anything.
24. Today, Plant a seed / sapling.
25. Today, Brush your teeth twice or thrice.
26. Today, Before going to sleep,
recollect your day backwards.
27. Today, Do one thing that you have been procrastinating for more than 1 month.
28. Today, Call (phone) someone you haven ’t spoken to for more
than 6 months.
29. Today, Get together with
your spouse and look at your old wedding photographs/video.
30. Today, If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, smoke just 7.
31. Today, Do not wear your watch the entire day, and
whenever you need to know
the time, ask a stranger what
time it is (get out of your
32. Today, Do at least 10 mins of physical exercise.
33. Today, Write down 5 of your
strong qualities.
Two actions doable in
1 week:
* This week, plan an outing with
a family member (relationships,
* This week, enroll on a part
time course or day workshop to
learn a new skill.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Where is to earn money?

There are some amusing Sites Where You Can Earn Some Extra Cash.
We've shown how you could get started with making
money online
if you are new to web working, want to earn some cash from the internet, and have no clue.
This article talks about some such
sites which could help students, or anyone who wants to make
some extra cash online, get
started. And who knows, you
might just end up doing it full-
time and making good money
out of it. :)

Now It is the number 1 freelancing sites on the web. Many easy to hard projects are found on getafreelancer.
Elance is probably the most popular marketplace for freelancers and their clients alike. Freelancers, be it
designers, programmers,
writers or proofreaders, could
bid for projects submitted by
prospective clients and make
money out of them.
There's a long list of skill
categories on the site so you could see which one you might
fit into and get started.
Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Mechanical Turk is another marketplace where one
could get money for work as
simple as finding the contact
information on a website. It
basically lists the tasks it calls
"Human Intelligence Tasks" i.e
the tasks that require human
intelligence and cannot be easily
accomplished by a computer (or
a software).
Since students are usually huge
gadget freaks, it is likely that
they have a lot of unused
gadgets lying around. The best
use of such gadgets would be
to sell them to BuyMyTronics.
Yes, this is a site which
purchases old gadgets and also
offers free shipping. It couldn't
get better.
Here's another unique site that
could help you make some extra
cash. Known as Ether, this site
lets experts share their
knowledge for a price. If you
consider yourself well-versed in
any subject or a field, you could
sign up for the site and start
taking calls at your will.
I don't need to introduce this
site, do I? eBay is definitely the
biggest site to make quick
money by selling and buying
(then selling it for more) stuff.
It may not be that quick but is
definitely quicker than many
other ways of making money
Odesk is like Elance for coders
and programmers, except that
it has a better tracking
mechanism. If you are into
programming, designing and
things like that, you could make
use of this site to grab projects
and generate income.
Now, Buxr doesn't look like a
site where one can make
money. It's a deals/coupons
aggregator and helps visitors
save money. But if you are able
to find good deals for them and
your deals receive a lot of votes
then you could get cash
rewards too.
If you like helping people with
their computer troubles then
you might as well make money
doing that. On Crossloop, you
could create a profile, set your
hourly rate and help people
from all over the world in
resolving their computer issues.
Pickydomains might probably
one of the best ways to earn $
25. You just need to come up
with a domain name for a client
that isn't registered yet. Yes,
there are a ton of domain
names that are yet to be taken
up. Just fire up your
imagination and get started.
And last, but by no means the
least, is our very own
Craigslist. Make no mistake,
this site remains one of the
hottest destinations for people
seeking part-time income. You
could sell stuff, post your
resume, contact people seeking
freelancers and do much more.
So, don't forget this site when
hunting for a way to make
extra cash.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How can a student earn money

Generally a Students need not earn money as his/her parents bear all his/her expenses. But when he/she become at the ages of 13 to 20 he/she feels the necessity of money and wants to earn money. But how can he/she earn some cash? They need some easy ways because they have to study.
Thanks to the internet Students can make money online just like
everyone else.
Here are some ways Students can
make money using the internet.
In bangladesh a college or university student generally earn some money by tution. A classes 11-12 student can teach a nursery or play or standar 1 to standar 10 student.
Earning ways online:
1. Get Paid To Take Surveys:
Did you know companies in the
United States spend over $250
Billion Dollars a year trying to
convice consumers to buy their
products? That money is spent on advertising as well as
research. You can earn cash giving your opinion to over 450
companies. Learn more here: Get
Paid To Take Surveys
2. Get Paid To Read Email
Earn quick cash by visiting
amazing websites ... All in your
spare time! Get Paid To Read
3. Build Your Own Money
Making Website or Blog
Do you have a product or know
someone who does. Build a
money making website and sell
your product online. This will
take some skill, but once you
have your system down you
can keep all of the profits, unlike
affiliate programs where you
only make a commission on
what you sell. Or Start A Blog here
Here's a few ideas!
*Selling paper
* Babysit
* Walk Dogs
* Mow Yards
* Clean Houses
* Wash Cars
* Teach Computer Skills
* Build Websites
* Give Swimming Lessons
* Grocery Shop
* Paint Houses
* Do Landscaping
* House Sit
* Pet Sit
* Do errands
* Tutor and Help With
* Type Papers