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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

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Do you have a website or a blog? Do you know its page rank(PR)? You
can check your weasite's or blog's PR. How? Write on the Google search
engine "". Example

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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Friday, 13 August 2010

How to save money

Now we are passing a difficult time. We are looking for earning money on streets and online. We want a lot of money for our expensive life. But do we really need a sack of money? What will happen if we save our money and close the money killing ways. Here I am listing some ways so that money can be saved.
1.Educational expenses: If you are maried and you have school going children, you have to expense a lot for them. You can save some money by working as a tutor of your own child. Doing this you can save $10 to $1000 monthly. Is not it good?
2. House hold chorce:Suppose that you need a man or a woman for washing your clothes, cleaning chair or table or any other household works. Take decision that you will do the works. By doing this you can also save some money.
3.Using mobile phone: How many mobile bill you are paying a month. Suppose you use $100 balances a month. Reduce $100 to $50.
4. Iron your own clothes , will save money.
5. Shave by yourself.

6. If you have a piece of land cultivate it.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I want to earn $10000000.00 by Google AdSense.

I want to earn dollars on internet. And I want to earn to get 12,000.00 dollars per year from Google AdSense. For Adsense earning needs a Website or a Blog. If  I don't have a Website or a Blog I can write articles for Because if  I can post a good article at the hubpages, I will be approved for posting Google ads into my article. Secondly I need to write some articles on my website or blog. I also have to promote my articles. If I have some good articles than I will apply for Google AdSense. If Google team will have approved my application, I will be able to earn money.To make $100 a day, I need on an average 1000 clicks (Yes, one thousand clicks on the adsense ads a day). This number of clicks is a rough figure, on some days, I would earn more and on some days, I may earn less. Google will smart price my articles based on the
impressions vs. clicks ratio. So, this variation is unavoidable. If there are 100 impressions and only 5 clicks from a article, Google will slap the article with low-rate adsense ads, so, I will get only few cents per click from the article. The quality of article or the quality of content doesn't matter much for Google's adsense engine. But, only the number of clicks matter. So, you need to publish more articles and expect more clicks thats all I can do. A final word: Do not get dejected if you do not earn much from adsense earnings now. First aim to make $100 a month, it will take a while. Then, aim for $500 a month. Work hard and publish more - that's the key.