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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Micro works micro money

Today I will introduce you with some new freelancing sites where you will
get very easy works. The sites are , and You can join there as an employer and as a worker. As an employer you can ask people to finish work for you. An employer post(put) a work and a worker finish the work and get money. 
As a worker: 
1. To start job Sign up(register) first 
2. Then finish a work and have earned money. 
How to finish a work?
1. Click on a job, a page will open.
2. Read details what you have to do.
3. Go bottom of the page and see the two
options ' i accept the job' and ' i
don't accept the job'. Before
you accept the job finish the job
first and then click on 'i accept
the job'. 4. Give proof 5.Submit

Things to remember

1. Every task is simple and easy.

2. We will get $0.05 to $6 per task.

3. We cannot create 2 user names for one website.

4. Minimum payout is $10 (Gross amount) around $9.50 (net amount)

5. You must work every day or 3 times a week. You cannot continue after 2 months or 6 months

6. If you want to work after 3 months you need to sign up again.

7. We submit our tasks and they review our tasks.

8. Our balance will increase if our task is correct and accepted.

9. We can earn good money from referrals                                                 

The more you work the more you will you earn

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Get Ready for earning

You want to earn. Very  good. But how? Before earning, you have to invest your time and some money. The money is for buying a computer. But if you have no money for buying a computer, you can use a Cyber Cafe. Take the following steps: Step1: At first you need an  email address. Open an email account for you.You need not any money to open an email account. To open your email account go to any one of the websites:
, or,, or,          
 Step2:Suppose you want to earn money working from home. Go to the following websites and open your account for free.    1.  2.  4.  

About Internet Earning

Now-a-days people are looking for earning money on Internet. Most of them don't know how to earn money on Internet. Most of them are wasting their valuable time in vain. Is it possible earn money by a computer and an Internet connection? Is it really easy? Who paid for the job? How to get payment after finishing a work? How to find a job? What kind of job? How to finish the jobs? There are many valuable works on Internet. Most of them are so easy that you need not any work experience. Everybody can do these work. Copyrighting and Data Entry are such kind of jobs. But some work are skill based.Web Design, Graphic Design, Animation, programming etc are such kind of jobs. You need professional skill to do these job. The most popular Internet related jobs are freelancing, Blogging, Google Adsense etc.There are many freelancing sites where you can register for free. Some popular sites are :, ,,,