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Sunday, 25 January 2015

How to Make Money Doing Micro Jobs

How to Make Money Doing Micro Jobs
Everyday people look through Internet on the topic "How to make money online" or "How to earn money online". Though there are a lot of ways for making money  online  newbies don't know how to really make money online. They look to and fro, but see no way. They can hear so much about money-making opportunities online, but they may have not tried it yet.They may ask -"Can i really make money online?". Slowly they start to learn that there are some market place where they can earn money. And it is freelancing. and etc are some of them. They sign up but get no job. Actually getafreelancer and odesk are for those who have skills on different subjects such as website design, website development, logo design etc. If I ask a newbie "I need 10000 facebook likes". Can you bring me the LIKES? I know a newbie does not know how to get so many facebook likes. So how he/she can make money online? Here comes the micro jobs or mini jobs or small jobs which a newbie can do easily. Such as facebook like, signup to a website, vote someone etc. So where he/she can get these kind of jobs? Yes there are some market place too where you can get these kind of jobs. I am listing some of them :
If you are serious about knowing how to make money with micro jobs, you need to consider signing up with the above four sites.  It is perfect for those who need freelancing jobs and it can be highly profitable as well. Signing up is free and easy; all you will need is a stable internet connection and you’re good to go.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How to get Free money to trade in forex market.

This is a short list of "How to get free money" for trading in Forex market. On this list you will find the best Forex brokers Who offer Free money to trade. Free Forex bonus is a great way to start real trading without risking own money.

    FBS Promotion = 5 USA dollars no deposit Forex bonus.

    AGEA = 5 USA dollars Forex bonus no deposit.

    OctaFX = 8 USA dollars Forex bonus no deposit.

    Nordfx = 8 USA dollars Forex bonus no deposit .

    Roboforex =15 USA dollars no deposit bonus.
    FXSTAR = 100 USA dollars no deposit Forex bonus!.

    EverestForex =100 USD Forex bonus no deposit 

    Forex-Metal = 100 USA  dollars Forex bonus no deposit.
    PaxForex = $7 no deposit Forex bonus.
    Smarttradefx = $50 no deposit Forex bonus.
    Brokers-Star = $50 no deposit Forex bonus.
    GrandCapital= $25 no deposit Forex bonus.
    FXOptimax = $10 no deposit Forex bonus.
    HARBORX= $50 no deposit Forex bonus.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Learn Forex Trading

Learn Forex trading easily, you need not think about how many pips you are going to earn, the market will tell you how much opportunity you have , how many pips to earn. Suppose you sit on your chair to trade. Now if I ask you how much you can earn today? I know you do not have  the answer. Not only you but also we do not know how much we can earn today. So what is the solution? I know you are thinking if any one tell you how much pips the market will move. Let's say we know EURUSD will move 60 pips up today. Then what will we do? We know we will BUY and catch the 60 green pips. Wooow! nice. But the realty is that we do not know that. So what can we do? We need to learn the market behavior well. We need to learn about candle sticks. How they forms, How many pips a daily candle and a weekly candle can be long. If we experience this we will be able to count how much pips we are going to get everyday or every week.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The importance of earning 250 pips monthly.

Hey ! When we are  in Forex market we all want to earn huge money by trading daily. And finally we earn zero. I have traded for about three years. So I am calculating today how much I have earn from Forex market. I can say I only learn it but I do not earn anything. Today I am about to sell my shirts. I want to leave or not in Forex market, I am already out of the market. Because I do not earn any money. Where did I get money to invest in Forex market? Actually I did not invest a dollar from my pocket. I earned the money by forum posting, winning contests, writing poems and from no deposit Forex bonus. But I lost all money into Forex market. I think there are many traders like me. Can you remember how many times you have blown up your money in Forex market, how many times you cried, how many times you decided to leave Forex market? Is there any Forex trader who can talk to me? Please comment below. Why do we lose? According to my experience I lost most of the time due to using a bigger lot. Many of my winning positions could not win due to big lot when market went a little against me. So I think we must use a comfortable LOT SIZE which can bring us a good profit but not risky too. Take a paper or diary and sit on your chair easily and think and calculate how you can grow your account only earning 250 pips per month. When you calculate you will understand The importance of earning 250 pips monthly. Earning 250 pips is very easy, so there is no hurry. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


  1. AGEA'S  Promotion $5 NO DEPOSIT FOREX BONUS  

AGEA is offering five dollars no deposit Forex bonus. Sign up and verify your account and get Free $5 . you can withdraw profits anytime. This is a nice  broker. 

$5 no deposit Forex bonus from AGEA 

2.FBS Free $5 : FBS is also a good broker. I got my bonus and I have also withdrawn my profits from the broker. Their verification process is very simple. You need a mobile  number and a Facebook account with only 20 friends to verify your fbs account. Go to FBS.COM

3. $10 From


OCTAFX broker is offering $8 no deposit Forex bonus to their verified new clients. They also holds contest every month. 


5.  $15 No deposit Forex bonus from roboforex 

Roboforex broker is offering $15 no deposit Forex bonus. To get this bonus you must open an account and you need to verify it. you also need to open a forum account. You can also forum posting bonus if you post regularly. 

$15 No deposit Forex bonus from roboforex.


6. $100 no deposit forex bonus from formax. : This is a new broker is offering $100 no deposit forex bonus. After sign up you will given 60 days to trade. within 60days you have to trade 10lots to withdraw profits. Remember this condition. And sign up here: 

 $100 no deposit forex bonus from formax.

7. $50 NO DEPOSIT FOREX BONUS FROM Hiwayfx:  I joined the broker and I got the bonus after verify my account. You will be given two months and you have to trade at lest 10 standard Lots to withdraw profits.

8. Free 1000cents From FXTM.COM: I got 1000cents. You need to open a cent account to get the bonus. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

My new pigeon firm.

How to start an online business. I have only one pair pigeon. Now I am going to start a pigeon firm. But i have no idea on "How to start a pigeon firm?". How many pigeons I need to start a pigeon firm? What types of foods I need to collect for pigeons? I have decided to but five pairs of pigeon (  five pigeons are  male and five pigeons are female). Why i am thinking to buy five pairs pigeons ? If I buy five pairs mature pigeons, they will give at least five pairs new pigeons within one month. The next month they can give another five pairs. Totally I will have fifteen pairs of pigeons (five pairs parents pigeons and ten pairs baby pigeons). Then i can sell some of them for money. Even I can sell all the new born pigeons. WoW ! How much money I am going to earn. But before starting a pigeon firm I need to think about a big cage which can contain at least fifteen pairs of pigeons. I have bought some  boxes which are made of paper and wood. I have bought these boxes from fruits seller shops. Fruits sellers throw away their fruit boxes after selling their fruits. so you can buy the boxes for cheaper price. And it is the easy way to start a business when you have not huge money. I also don't know how to buy pigeon and where will I go to buy pigeon? so I am going to take helping from one of my brother-in-law. He knows a lot about pigeons. He will buy pigeons for me. Let us see what happen.

Friday, 21 February 2014

How to earn $1000 monthly by Forex trading reducing risk of account.

Dear Friends, Do you ever think how you earn $1000 monthly from your one trading account? We know we can do it easily. We can earn even more monthly. Yes we can do it. But it needs more risk. Even we may blow up our accounts. So we need to make a plan every month. Look, How i am going to make the plan. step1: First we will choose some pairs. This is not that we need to trade a pair all the time. If any pair become unpredictable we need to avoid it. The pairs which we can predict easily we will trade only those pairs. Step 2: After choosing some pairs we need to draw some support and resistant lines. We can see different time frame to have more clear idea. You must calculate how much opportunity you are going to get. Suppose you think that a pair GBPUSD will go 300 pips up and then will go down 90 pips within a week. So you are going to open a BUY position and you are going to get at least 100 pips from the setting. So we can say that you got one opportunity. Now to earn $1000 from the position you need to open a position with lot=10. Happy? But think it is too risky using ten standard lot per position. If your analysis go wrong you are going to loss huge money.So you can not rely on the position only. You need to look for more opportunities. But be patient. Your target is only $1000. You will not earn more then $1000 for the month. You will not be more greedy. As I show in the example you can look for more opportunities for other pairs. Now you can tell me that "Hey! why will I not use big lot size as I get opportunity?" It is because we are not taking more risk. We may earn or not but we are taking a small risk. We can find out more opportunities from more pairs. Step3: Now imagine that you got 3000pips opportunity from different pairs or from a pair from its ups and down for a month. Now write or take a note of some important points. Where you will buy or sell etc.Now look at the calculation below:
1. If we earn 10pips, lot=100 we earn$1000
2. If we earn 20pips, lot=50 we earn$1000 .
3. If we earn 50pips, lot=20 we earn$1000 .
4. If we earn 100pips, lot=10 we earn$1000.
5.If we earn 500pips, lot=2 we earn$1000.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Is Forex hard or easy ?

This is a nice question. If you have experience of trading you may ask this question. Is Forex really easy or it is hard. In my view Forex is easy from some angles. One is to trade you need only a computer , internet connection download mt4 or mt5 software, log in to your account and Buy or Sell. And you will make profits after one minutes. How easy! in another view Forex is hard. When you lose again and again or when you open positions but the market goes against your direction. You all the time think one direction but market goes the opposite direction. You want price of a pairs will go down but it goes up, you think price will go up but it goes down. You think price may go more against you and you need to close your losing positions and after closing your positions with loss the price goes to your direction. Sometimes you think price will not go more against you and you keep positions opening. But price continue to your opposite direction. And finally you lose all money. How hard Forex is! To avoid these kinds of hardness i think it is better not to trade everyday, every month. Because there is some moment when Forex market act as you wish. These moments are for you to opening and closing with profits. Sometimes Fores market show a clear view and we can catch more pips trading these moments. trying to trade always bring hardness.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Unity is strength

Write a paragraph on "Unity is strength" [ENGLISH FOR TODAY--CLASS SIX]

Once upon a time there was an old farmer. He lived with his wife and three sons in a village. The three sons always quarrelled with each other. One day the farmer asked for five sticks and some rope. The three sons brought the sticks and rope. The farmer then tied the sticks together with the rope. Then he said to break the bundle of sticks. The boys tried and tried, but they could not break the sticks. Then their father untied the sticks and his wife gave one stick to each of her son. This time they all broke their sticks easily. They learnt that unity is strength.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


@@@@@@ Write a paragraph about your country(Bangladesh). @@@


 The name of my country is Bangladesh. It is a beautiful country. It become independent in 1971. Its capital is Dhaka. Its land area is 1,47570 square kilometers. But it has a large population. About 140 million people live here. Bangladesh is an agricultural country. We grow rice, jute, sugarcane, tea and other crops. We have many rivers. The Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna and the Kornaphuli, are the main rivers. Bangladesh is a peaceful country. I love my country very much.